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Local company IMPEX Management Foundation has donated £10,000 towards the purchase of another minibus to add to the fleet of accessible minibuses for Brentwood Community Transport (BCT) - a local charity that helps 100s of Brentwood residents per week with the aim to reduce social isolation and assist with independent living by providing essential accessible community transport services.

The service user survey in December 2014 confirmed the high quality of services provided and how essential this service is to their quality of life. As results showed, 80% of BCT service users were aged over 66, while 76% of them have a disability. The service scored 100% in quality and standards and how the transport gives them a little independence.

"With the help and support received from IMPEX Management Foundation, BCT will be able to expand its services to the vulnerable residents of Brentwood, helping us to make a real difference to the quality of their lives. It is fantastic to get local support from a local business investing in the local community!" said Tina Tickner, Chief Executive Officer of BCT. To say thank you, we have named the bus “James” in recognition of ‘James Lofthouse’ – the pharmacist who developed the menthol and eucalyptus liquid for Fisherman’s Friends in 1865. IMPEX Management Foundation has strong business links with the import and export of Fisherman’s Friends”- added Ms Tickner.